Traveler advantages - Friendly world

Welcome to Friendly World - the world of independent travelers!

Friendly World will help meet the traveler and the hospitable host. "Friendly person" in an unfamiliar country or city is your confidence that the trip will go well, according to plan, without "nerves", overpayments and imposed services.

What makes Friendly World different from other services, you may ask?

Many services focus on a specific service or on a predetermined set of services. For example, a service for selecting accommodation, for renting a car, a service for finding a guide, for visiting museums or excursions. In this case, the cost of services is determined by the performer. Friendly World is all about democracy in this regard!

What do I get?

As a traveler, you will receive a basic service (on-line support) through the Friendly World service. All other arrangements (additional services you request or the assistant offers) are your personal arrangements.

If you want to help the service to develop - you can donate.

Additional services are paid for by agreement between the parties, Friendly World does not participate in them. This is one of the most important differences between Friendly World and other travel services, when sites take a percentage for each service.

What happens next?

You get the assistant's contacts, you can contact him/her by phone or via personal chat on the Friendly World platform. The additional help that the assistant provides can vary. Meeting you at the airport or train station, which will make your first minutes in the country more comfortable.

A joint walk through the "secret" corners of the city, lying outside the standard tourist routes. Getting to know a good car rental company that doesn't charge its customers three hides. Anything!

But the most important thing is that you choose what you need, there are no conditions, only a personal agreement with your chosen assistant!

We wish you to find “your” assistant and make friends with him/her!