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Become an assistant

If you want to be an assistant. When you like it - and you definitely will! - maybe you'll decide to become an assistant in your city. Surely you have something to tell people about it and something to show them. And how many nice bonuses the role of an assistant opens up! Look - you can expand your social circle, improve your language skills, make your hometown more appealing to tourists... Plans for the future, yes! Or maybe you can just talk to your fellow countryman.


Besides, helping people, you can earn good money. It's very important - as part of the basic service you provide online support, helping people feel confident in another city, but you can also offer additional services for which you set the price yourself. And it can be more than just money - suddenly you need a book you can't find on Amazon, or some exotic item for a gift, or just something very important and meaningful to you from your historical homeland. To make money with Uber or Airbnb, you need to have a car or a house, with Friendly World you only need a desire and some free time.

You can earn without investing with Friendly World!

As a local assistant you can:

  • Provide basic service online;
  • Provide additional services by arrangement;
  • Make new friends from other countries;
  • Start like-minded people to grow your business;
  • Develop by learning about other cultures;
  • Just make new friends.

And now imagine that in every country and city you have familiar people close to you, sharing your views and ready to help - how cool is that! The whole world becomes your home. So it should be, because we are all people of the world, and our globe is very small! Together with Friendly World you will make it comfortable for you, your relatives and friends!

Become an assistant