FAQ for traveler - Friendly world
In the search bar on the website, select the country and city you want to go to. You will be offered several assistants who offer their help in this city. You can enable filters by language, additional services, services, support time. Then you can go to the assistant's profile and read detailed information about him/her. If you have made a final decision, you can get the contacts of the assistant by clicking on the button on his/her page.
For how much you want - you can navigate by the assistant's calendar, which indicates his or her free time.
Contact the Friendly World team using any convenient method of communication - social media or email. In case the information is confirmed, we will offer you another assistant.
You can choose an assistant who speaks the language you understand. After selecting a city to travel to, you can use the filters on the website to find an assistant who speaks your language.
The basic service is online communication. In addition, an assistant can provide any services that, first of all, will help you feel more confident in an unfamiliar city. It can be a meeting upon arrival, answers to questions: where and how to live, eat, buy souvenirs, and so on. Secondly, in case a traveler has a problem, for example, he does not know how to get to a place or something else - he can turn to the assistant for advice. In addition, the assistant can offer individual services, for example, invite the visitor to an exhibition where the assistant's works are exhibited, or organize a shopping trip - there are no limits except the assistant's imagination and the traveler's request.
After you have chosen a travel destination and an assistant that suits you, request his contacts from the service. A personal account will be created for you, where the contacts of the selected assistant will come to you. In addition, his contacts will be sent to your e-mail.
Familiarize yourself with the benefits of working as an assistant. After filling out the questionnaire a personal account is created for you, your data will appear in the search and Friendly World will help you in getting orders from travelers.
Write to us about the problem via the feedback form on the site or to support@friendlyword.online, provide a screenshot and describe the error. We will definitely answer you and help you to register.