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The services that assistants provide to travellers can be divided into two types - a basic service and additional services. You can use just the basic service or you can arrange for an additional service with an assistant. It is always up to you!

Basic service

After you have chosen an assistant, you will receive his or her contact information in a convenient way - by e-mail or in a personal chat on the Friendly World website. You will be able to call or write to the assistant and discuss the details of your cooperation. Then, when it is time for your journey, your travel facilitator will be in touch with you. He will consult you via phone or personal chat, answer all the questions you have during the trip or after the arrival.


The basic service is paid once. The amount of your transfer is blocked on the website. After the assistant has provided the service, you confirm its receipt on the website. Only after five days the assistant can withdraw the money to your personal wallet. In case the service is not perfect you can write a letter to the support team and open a dispute which will be solved by the website administration. If the truth is on your side - the payment will be returned to your card within the time limit set by your bank.

Additional services

The additional services that an assistant can provide depend primarily on the assistant's wishes, abilities and plans. They can be simple and, in general, standard for a traveler, for example, the assistant can meet you at the airport or train station, take you to a hotel, help you rent a car, give you a city tour, and so on.

But in addition to these "classic" tourist activities the assistant may offer you something interesting and unexpected, for example, to show you the most unusual places in the city that tourists do not get to, or to invite you to a meal of national dishes.

  • The assistant can suggest you to buy authentic souvenirs that he makes himself - or take you to a fashionable local store where quality items can be purchased at adequate prices.
  • An assistant can also help you in business - find a conference room, equipment or anything else you request.
  • The assistant will advise you on who to contact in case you need to execute documents for relocation, introduce you to trusted lawyers, help translate and apostille documents.
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