FAQ for assistant - Friendly world
Try to write to the traveler via profile and personal account. If the traveller is unavailable, we are waiting for a week to hear from him or her. If he/she hasn't announced himself/herself in any way, the money blocked in your personal profile will be unblocked and you can use it. In case a confirmed event has occurred, which prevents the traveller from fulfilling his/her part of the agreement, there are two possibilities. Either the fee remains in your personal wallet and is used later as agreed with you, or the funds are returned to the traveller.
When the traveller represents a group, he/she pays the same fixed amount for the support of the assistant as for a single person. For any additional services, the parties agree on their own.
In the case where the assistant provides online support and the traveler has only paid for the basic service, you can support travelers on a first-come, first-served basis, by voice or text, as is convenient for the assistant.
If it becomes necessary to cancel a paid reservation, the assistant may contact the Friendly World team and explain what has happened. If the reason for the cancellation is objective - for example, illness - the funds reserved for the basic service will be refunded to the traveller.
The job itself is to help the traveller feel more confident in an unfamiliar city. It can be just a basic service - support by phone or in the Friendly World chat, answers to questions: where and how it is better, more convenient, faster, cheaper to live, eat, buy souvenirs, etc. In addition, the assistant can be offered any service, the provision of which does not contradict the legislation of the host country. Counselling may be provided either in person or via telephone. In case a traveler has a problem - for example, he/she does not know how to get to the place or something else - he/she may turn to an assistant for advice.
Working with Friendly World is free. After registration as an assistant you receive orders from travelers, you can see them in your personal account, notification comes by email. You can either accept the order or reject it, in case you are not satisfied with the conditions offered.
Once you choose a travel destination and an assistant that suits you. Pay for the support, and a personal account will be created for you, in which contacts of the selected assistant will come. In addition, his contacts will come to you at the specified email
Check out the benefits of being an assistant. After filling out the form, a personal account will be created for you, your data will appear in the search and Friendly World will help you in getting bookings from travelers.
Write to us about the problem via the feedback form on the website or at support@friendlyword.online, provide a screenshot and describe the error. We will definitely reply to you.