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Aug 02, 2023

Where to visit and how long to stay in Myanmar

The number of places you can visit depends on the time you have available. In 9 days you can see the main sights of Myanmar by visiting Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake. In 12 days, you can spend two free days relaxing on Ngapali Beach or combine Bangkok with Myanmar.

Ballooning in Bagan

The sight of hot air balloons floating serenely over the plains of Bagan has become iconic. Most hot air balloon flights begin a few minutes after sunrise, offering an unrivaled perspective of the vast plains, from thousands of temples to the Irrawaddy River.

After an hour of drifting in the air, passengers can land next to a pagoda, on a sandy shore or in a field. This magical flight can be an experience of a lifetime and something special to share with friends. Add this to your wish list.

Travel with a guide and private vehicle

A local guide can help you make the most of your time. Guides in Myanmar are truly attentive, reliable and flexible. They are enthusiastic about their culture and lifestyle and are attentive to each visitor.

We recommend that you stay with one guide throughout your Myanmar trip, rather than using different guides in different cities. This way you will have a more comfortable experience.

A private car and driver are essential in a country where infrastructure is poor and public transportation is unreliable. The driver will know your route and will take you there. You won’t need to consult maps to figure out how to get to attractions from your hotel or find a restaurant.

Temperatures stay around 30°C during the day, so you’ll be relieved to get into an air-conditioned car and be driven around the city. It also makes for a more flexible experience.

The cost for one day is approximately $90 USD for a guide and a chauffeur-driven car.

Register here as an assistant or local guide if you live in one of Myanmar’s towns or villages and want to become an ambassador of the Friendly World to help people have an unforgettable trip around your town. Learn more about the opportunities that Friendly World offers you. Not only can you help people, but you can also make new friends and earn money.

If you want to become an ambassador for Friendly World in your town or village to help people have an unforgettable trip, sign up here as an assistant or local guide. Check out the opportunities that Friendly World has to offer - you can not only help people, but also make new friends and earn money.