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Feb 19, 2023

Where to look for overseas internships? Part 1

🔘 StudyQA is a free service to find programs and universities around the world. The site has a large catalog of overseas internships, a list of scholarships and grants, a selection of materials to prepare for admission.

🔘 Grantist - here you can find grants for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, a catalog of international scientific conferences, internships, winter and summer schools.

🔘 Studies&Careers - you can find suitable undergraduate, graduate, MBA, short-term or language courses in a variety of fields, from business, management and finance to architecture and engineering.

🔘 Abroadz - makes immigration easier and more accessible. Helps to enroll in foreign universities, find a job or internship, choose a suitable direction and immigration program, adapt in the new country.


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