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May 11, 2023

When is the best time to go to Myanmar

Be sure to visit Myanmar - this country will fill you with amazing impressions!. When planning a trip to Myanmar, try to avoid periods of extreme heat and high humidity. The ideal time to travel is from November to February.

From November to February in Myanmar - the dry season

The tourist season starts in early October and reaches its peak in the period from December to February. At this time of year, daytime temperatures rarely rise above 32°C (90°F). At this time, it is comfortable and convenient to be in the country, and what is important - landscape travel and archaeological inspection will be a pleasant time spent, not a torment.
At this time, you can also visit the beach in Ngapali, it is an ideal place for a beach holiday. However, it will be quite difficult to book a hotel or rent a transport - the influx of tourists is very large. Therefore, it is best to book rooms at least a few months in advance.

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Friendly World assistants and local guides will help you find accommodation on request, but remember that during the dry season, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays, prices are much higher.

From March to May, the hot season begins

If you like the heat, this is your time. The temperature has been increasing since the beginning of March, and by the end of the month it will exceed 40 ° C (104° F). .Not every organism can withstand walking in an open area at such a high temperature, so be very careful, drink plenty of water.

In mid-April, Myanmar celebrates the New Year. The holiday takes place all over the country. In that case, if you like crowded gatherings, crowds of people playing music everywhere, dancing, watering each other with water - then you will fully enjoy the carnival atmosphere. Just remember that locals visit their relatives during the New Year celebrations, so all domestic flights are fully occupied and it is not easy to buy a ticket.

The rainy season starts from June to October

Already in May, the first rains pass, and by June, monsoon storms hit the country, which can be very dangerous. Humidity at this time is very high, the wettest months are July and August. The temperature is kept around 30°C (86°F).
At this time, the beach resorts in Ngapali are closed, and even flights to this area are reduced to one per week. In addition, during heavy rains, driving on roads is often difficult - roads become inaccessible due to floods. Flights in this case are reassigned and delayed.

In general, such a trip should be planned after discussing all the nuances with a specialist, and the ideal option is with an assistant or a local Friendly World guide.

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