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Jul 17, 2023

What is a low-cost airline?

A lowcoster is a type of airline that specializes in providing low-cost airfare to passengers. But that’s not the only difference compared to a regular airline.

What are some other differences between lowcosters?

🟢 Lowcosters usually offer basic fares that include only the transportation of passengers and their hand luggage. Additional services (luggage, seat selection, meals on board) are paid at will

🟢 Airlines are more likely to land at smaller and alternate airports as this reduces the cost of fees and services

🟢 Lowcosters optimize their operating costs: use one type of aircraft to reduce training and maintenance of staff

🟢 Short pauses between flights are practiced to maximize the use of aircraft operating time

🟢 Low-cost carriers do not have complicated loyalty programs and bonus awards for frequent travelers

That said, low-cost carriers don’t skimp on the most important thing - passenger safety. So if you are a backpacker traveling short distances - try flying on lowcosters.

Best low-cost carriers:

▫️ AirAsia
▫️ Scoot
▫️ IndiGo
▫️ Flynas
▫️ Volotea.


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