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Mar 17, 2024

The U.S. will raise fees for green cards and visa petition processing fees

The changes will take effect April 1, but they will not affect consular fees for visa processing.

  • A foreigner will have to pay $235 instead of $220 to issue a green card;

  • For large employers, the cost of filing an I-129 petition for an H-1B visa will go up: $780 instead of $460.

The H-1B is a popular work visa for highly skilled professionals. There are so many applicants that spots are drawn in a special lottery.

  • The cost to enter the 2024 lottery will remain the same - 10$. But in the lottery scheduled for March 2025, the employer will already have to pay $215.

  • Biometrics are now included in the final cost. For example, before April 1, an I-485 petition to register permanent residence or change status costs $1,140 without biometrics and $1,225 with biometrics, but from April 1, it costs $1,440 regardless of whether biometrics must be submitted.

All fee amounts are published on the USCIS.

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