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Mar 22, 2023

The best offline maps: 10 proven services

Offline maps are undoubtedly an important travel assistant. The main thing is not to forget to download the necessary regions in advance.

📍Organic Maps is the spiritual successor of, it uses the principle of “Wikipedia”: users mark interesting places. Android, iOS

📍Google Maps - automatically loads part of the terrain that you are constantly browsing. You can manually select a section of the map to download. Android, iOS)

📍Yandex Maps - accurately builds routes in the city, on highways and in the woods. Without the Internet you can not choose an alternative route. Android, iOS

📍2GIS - available in cities of Russia and some CIS countries, as well as in some European cities and the UAE Android, iOS

📍Guru Maps - displays in detail the terrain in places far from the cities. You can build routes for hiking or trophy-raiding in the bogs Android, iOS

📍Polaris - maps dangerous and off-road routes: builds a path off the tracks and in the snow Android, iOS

📍Gaia GPS - maps with ready-made hiking and biking routes. There’s a weather forecast and a “breadcrumb” feature - it’s easier to find your way back Android, iOS

📍Topo Maps - topographic maps for hiking and hunting. Shows hiking routes, tracks the path you’ve traveled, sends a notification when you’re approaching an interesting location. iOS)

📍MapOut - paid maps for hikers and cyclists (iOS).

📍Maps n Trax - you can download a map you took a picture of on your smartphone iOS.


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