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Dec 13, 2022

The best cities for digital nomads

The best city for a digital nomad right now is Lisbon. But not everyone has a visa or the opportunity to get one. Here are the top cities with visa-free or easy-to-obtain visas.

Changu (Indonesia) - Digital nomads appreciate it for the high speed internet, as well as the entertainment nearby. The cost of living is $1400 USD per person per month.

Chiang Mai (Thailand) - the city has a good infrastructure for pedestrians and a high level of security. The cost of living - $ 1250 USD per person per month.

Bangkok (Thailand) - again representative of Thailand, its capital. More developed infrastructure and an international community than in the previous city. But also a higher cost of living - $2000 USD per person per month.

Mexico City (Mexico) is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Latin America, offering many opportunities for living, traveling and further relocation. The cost of living in Mexico City is $1850 USD per person per month.

Buenos Aires (Argentina) is another representative of Latin America. The high standard of living and education, a huge number of places to work and rest attract freelancers. However, many note the low speed of the Internet. This is worth taking into account. But next year, Argentina is launching a starlink. So Buenos Aires could go much higher. The cost of living is $2000 per person per month.

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