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Jan 29, 2024

Pros and cons of a Serbian passport

On February 4, amendments to Serbian law came into effect, under which foreigners can obtain a “single permit” allowing them to live and work in the country. The permit can be obtained through study, employment or self-employment. It is possible to apply both inside and outside Serbia, including from Russia.

Important: after 3 years of legal residence it will be possible to apply for permanent residence permit (previously it was required 5 years of legal residence on the territory of Serbia) and, having received approval, from the permanent residence permit to apply for Serbian citizenship through the naturalization procedure.

It is also possible to obtain Serbian citizenship by repatriation, by birthright (provided that his mother and/or father are Serbs) or by descent, in accordance with the terms of the law.

✅ Pros of Serbian citizenship
- Visa-free travel to 130+ countries, including the right to visa-free entry to the European Union for up to 90 days within 180 days.
- Prospects of acquiring EU citizenship after the country’s planned accession to the EU (what if!).
- access to free education in local universities and insured medicine.
- Doing business on favorable terms (government assistance, tax vacations, etc.).

❌ Minuses of a Serbian passport
- Waiver of the first passport as part of naturalization.

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