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Mar 30, 2023

Peculiarities of life in Mexico that may seem strange

Mexico is a colorful country that tourists from all over the world want to visit. However, this state often puzzles visitors. And there are many reasons for that.

➡️ Stones
Do not be surprised if you see Mexicans put stones in your food. No, it’s not a newfangled diet, it’s tequesquitos - natural mineral salts. For years, Mexicans have been using them as a condiment.

➡️ Language
There are more than 60 national languages in Mexico. Although Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the country, it is not the only official language. Ever since the government passed the Language Rights Act, more than 60 local dialects have been recognized as official languages.

➡️ Name
At birth, Mexicans are given not one, but two names at once - for example, Juan Pedro.

➡️ Head
Mexicans prefer to carry weights on their heads rather than in their hands.

➡️ Insects
Mexico is a hot country, and like almost any hot country, you can encounter dangerous insects here. In particular, when picking fruit, Mexicans often find scorpions in the crates.

➡️ Pedal in the toilet
In Mexican homes and hotels you cannot always find a flush button on the toilet. It is not uncommon to flush by means of a special pedal.

➡️ Liquid Soap
You can buy liquid soap in Mexico by weight and take it home in a cellophane bag.

➡️ “Parking lots” for dogs
While in other countries owners have to tie up their dogs and leave them outside stores, in Mexico animals can wait for their owners in a special dog park.


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