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Nov 04, 2023

Let our journey be pleasant

We always try to read reviews of the restaurant where we plan to have lunch or dinner. This way we can avoid the situation when the prices in the institution are too high or the food is too unpalatable. And so we can find out the pros and cons of the place.

Even if we don’t have internet, we use offline maps, such as

Buy tickets to museums, attractions and excursions online - this will allow us to save at least 10% on tickets. If you have a student card from any country, take it with you, it will give us a discount in many museums. The same applies to various service IDs.

Be sure to find out about the days when visiting museums is free. Most often it is the first or last Sunday of the month.

Buy tickets for night trains and buses - this way you can save money on accommodation. the only point is that the next night you need to find normal accommodation so that you don’t get too tired.

From the airport you don’t have to take a cab at all, you can always take a bus or a special train, aeroexpress, and get to the city center inexpensively.

Download a dictionary or translator before the trip to be able to talk to the locals, if suddenly English is not enough.

If we choose a hotel on the sea - look out for 2-3 lines, sometimes the difference in distance is not very big, but the price is very different.

If we urgently need wi-fi - you can connect to it in any McDonald’s. Also, when we go to lunch or dinner at a restaurant or cafe, we just ask the waiter for the password if it is not spelled out on the front pages on the menu.

If we are very nervous during flights - it is better not to drink coffee before the flight. Coffee can increase heart rate and can increase anxiety.

Just in case, we upload scans of all important documents. If the originals get lost, we will always have copies with us. But we’ll be very careful with the documents. Recovery sometimes takes too long.

We take several plastic cards with us on the trip. If one of them gets lost, you can quickly block it, transfer funds and use the other one.

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