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Dec 05, 2022


Isola Bella is a stunningly beautiful island located in northern Italy (one of the Borromean Islands that make up Lake Maggiore). Isola Bella also means “beautiful island” which is a fitting name for this place of splendour where you can tour an ancient Baroque palace with beautiful hanging tapestries and sculptures. The palace windows overlook a crystal-clear lake, and you can see gorgeous white peacocks strolling through the gardens. The heavenly garden with a diversity of floral scents is what attracts the majority of visitors who also love the array of statues, rare plants and shrubbery. You will also love the peace and serenity of the gardens…what’s more, you will be in the vicinity of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, situated just 400 metres off the coast of Stresa. You must come view for yourself these breathtakingly beautiful Baroque Style gardens and ancient palace!

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