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Feb 15, 2023

Important world events for travelers, relocants and digital nomads

  • Andorra has officially launched the digital nomad visa with the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for 2 years and subsequent extension from 2 years. The government plans to issue a total of 100 visas per year, the requirements for obtaining: remote work in the technology sector without income requirements (!), approval from the government, stay in the country for at least 90 days during the calendar year, a rental agreement in Andorra at least 2 years, insurance and other documents. By visa it is possible to come with family (spouse/children), tax on annual income up to €24.000 - 0%, from €24.000 to €4.000 - 5%, from €4.000 - 10%. You have to apply from Andorra.

  • Indonesia has simplified the extension of monthly e-VOA visa - now you can extend it at the site for another 30 days without going to the immigration office.

  • Croatia plans to hire at least 35,000 foreigners in the tourism sector in 2023. Both skilled workers and simpler professions (waiters, maids) are needed.

  • Hong Kong no longer requires vaccination certificates for entry into the country - just have a PCR test no older than 48 hours or an express test no older than 24 hours. The requirement to wear masks remains mandatory for everyone.

  • To enter Qatar, foreigners will need local health insurance (can be arranged on the website of the Qatar Ministry of Health) for 30 days regardless of the length of stay, at a cost of 50 Qatari rials.

  • The Vietnamese authorities will increase the visa-free period of stay in the country for Russians. Staying in the country without a visa will be possible for up to 45 days (now 15 days).

  • Since February 13 Singapore has completely eliminated restrictions on entry of foreigners, medical insurance is also no longer a requirement, but still requires a declaration of health SG Arrival Card.

  • So-so news arrived from Argentina - three pregnant Russians were turned away at Buenos Aires airport for the reason of “False Turística” (false tourist).


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