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Mar 16, 2023

How to rent a car abroad

Very often when traveling you just need a car. Many places you want to visit are not accessible by cab or public transport.

🔷 Choose well-known car rental chains

The big chains allow you to pre-book the right car online, and you’re less likely to run into a scam or a dead car. Of course, such international companies are not everywhere. In that case you will have to choose from what you have and go to the local rental offices. But be vigilant and carefully study everything you sign!

The only disadvantage is that there may be problems with payment by card. Some car rental companies only accept credit cards. But in any case take cash with you. They may come in handy for a deposit.

🔷 Make a video before picking up the car

Never neglect this advice. Unscrupulous companies can write off damage that was actually done by someone else before you. Pay attention to all scratches, even small ones, and point them out to the manager when signing the contract.

🔷 Study the technical specifications of the car

They will definitely tell you what to fill up at the rental place, but it is better to study the main technical characteristics of the car, so you know what you are dealing with and do not get into trouble, for example, when breaking down.

🔷 Carefully read the contract and the act

An unscrupulous hirer may put unnecessary clauses in the contract, such as: a mandatory wash after the rental is over, which will cost a lot more than in regular car washes. Your contract is your protection in case of any problems, so it’s worth studying it from start to finish.

🔷 Take out insurance.

Car rental companies often offer a full insurance policy in case of an accident. If your budget allows, insurance will be good for you.

🔷 Learn the country’s rules of the road.

All rental companies take a car deposit in case they receive fines. In many countries the fines are much higher than in Russia, so you should definitely not violate traffic rules - you will save money and nerves.


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