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Aug 07, 2023

How to get a residence permit with passive income from €200 - Rantier visa

Immigration programs for rentiers are offered by 28 countries. A Rantier visa or residence permit can be obtained by people who have regular passive income from another country. Passive income in this context is income not related to daily labor activity. One of the most popular sources of passive income for a Rantier visa is renting out real estate.

Top 5 countries with required passive income not exceeding €2000/month

Chile - from $509/month
Portugal - from €760/month
Uruguay - from $1500/month
Argentina - from $1810/month
Cyprus - from €2000/month

List of required documents depending on the type of your passive income:
Document confirming the status of the owner of the object that brings regular passive income.
Notarized copy of document #1 with apostille.
When renting out real estate, a written rental agreement is required, it also needs to be notarized and apostilled.
Certificate of absence of a criminal record with an apostille for the country in which you intend to obtain a residence permit.

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