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Sep 20, 2023

How to buy airline tickets profitably

We try to buy tickets at night or early in the morning, because prices are usually lower at this time and there is more choice. You’ll have to stay up a couple of nights.

We subscribe to the newsletter of airlines and destinations we like. This way we’ll be the first to know about the best deals and won’t spend a lot of time searching.

We look for tickets using the low price calendar - it lists all the cheapest destinations and dates.

Usually the best price for tickets is two or three months before departure, when there are still enough seats. The closer the departure date gets and the fewer seats are available, the more expensive the ticket becomes.

If we know in advance where we want to go next summer, we buy tickets as early as possible. It is ideal to do it in winter or any other low season.

Watch out for promotions during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days you can buy very cheap tickets, especially if we fly on European low-cost carriers.

We buy tickets with midweek departures, so they cost significantly less than on weekends.

One-way tickets are always more expensive, so we buy round-trip tickets. This option is not suitable if we do not know the date of return home.

We are not afraid to fly with connections. This is not only a great opportunity to see another city in a day, but also a favorable way to save money. Connecting flights can often cost several times cheaper than direct flights. Of course, you should plan your connection so that the time you have to spend in another city allows you to see it.

Flying low-coasters. If at the same time we do not need luggage, seat selection and meals, we can choose the cheapest ticket of all existing.

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