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Feb 19, 2023

Dual system of education in Germany

Duale Ausbildung (“double training”) is the German system of obtaining specialized secondary education from 1 to 3 years.

▪️ The educational process is arranged as follows: two days you have to sit at the desk, and the rest of the week you have to do an internship at a factory or company.

▪️ Firms conclude a contract with students and pay a salary ranging from 600 € to 1200 € per month.

▪️ Studies usually start in spring and late summer. It is better to look for vacancies six months to a year in advance, otherwise all the good ones will already be taken.

▪️ Under this system foreigners can study regardless of age.

▪️ The requirements are minimal - high school diploma and German B1 level.

▪️ The program makes it possible to master the following professions that are in demand in Germany: nurse, educator, salesperson, insurance agent, car mechanic, cook etc.

▪️ At the end of the course you get a state diploma which you can work with in Germany and other EU countries.

What you have to do
- find a job:,,,,
- Apply with the following documents: translation of school certificates into German, CV, motivation letter.
- Take an online test from the employer.
- The interview: Usually takes place in person, but if you are not ready to come to Germany, you can try to arrange an online meeting. But not all companies will agree to this.

▪️ After that you can get a visa category D, which entitles you to a long-term stay in Germany.

💡 Tip: The more responses you get, the better your chances of getting a positive result. You should be prepared in advance for the fact that the selection process is not quick and sometimes you have to wait for an answer for months.


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