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Jan 12, 2024

Where you can complain/report domestic issues in different countries

You are bothered by noise from neighbors or a nearby restaurant

In France, you can go to the police nationale and complain about a restaurant if it is making noise after midnight. It is advised to come and make a complaint or write to them, not just call the police. The police nationale will be obliged to deal with the organization. You can also agree with your neighbors and write a collective complaint for better effect.

The Portuguese authorities have introduced new penalties for noise - music, loudspeakers and parties on beaches can be fined. For example, in Lisbon, the City Council has opened a telephone line where residents can file complaints related to excessive noise: “Linha Ruído” (808 910 555).

To complain about noise from neighbors/bars or cafes at night, you can call 092 (call the police). You can also contact the municipality or city administration. They will have to send a specialist to check the complaint. The Ombudsman (Defensor del Pueblo), who is available in every region (in the case of a collective complaint), can also act on the side of the residents.

If your neighbor does not respect the rules of your apartment building, you can file a complaint with the police (polis). You can also complain to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Economy.

Kazakhstan also has fines for noise. If you are disturbed by noisy neighbors or nearby cafes at night, you can contact the police by calling 102 or 112 on your cell phone.

If you have unwanted visitors such as snakes

\Indonesia, Bali
If you find a snake in your home, call Bali Reptile Rescue. They can be called at any time of the day or night and will come and pick up the snake. The contact number is +62 821-4638-0270, and the organization also has social media pages.

In Thailand you can also contact snake trapping services - 076246301, 076246599. In Pattaya, snake catchers can be called at “1337” (general emergency services tel.).

Other situations
- In Turkey, you can complain about cabs through the Beyaz masa service and the hotline number - 153.
- In Portugal, you can file a consumer complaint through the Livro de Reclamações.
- In Kazakhstan it is possible to file a complaint against a bank if it changes the current terms of a deposit or loan, charges penalties for delinquency more than the law allows, etc. through the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market (online on the website, by phone or in person).


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