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Aug 01, 2023

The most comfortable and safest seats on an airplane

It seems that all airplane seats are the same. But this is not true: some seats are safer according to airplane accident statistics, others are safer in terms of moving around the cabin during the flight.

Here is a small instruction on how to choose a seat:

➡️ In the front rows of economy class, you’ll be among the first to get off the plane after landing, and you’ll also have more legroom.

➡️ Aisle seats give you the advantage of first exit, but you often can’t store carry-on luggage under the seat here, so all your luggage will have to be placed on the top shelves.

➡️ If you have the opportunity to fly Business Class, the front rows in this class offer comfort and spaciousness.

➡️ The last rows also have many advantages - fewer passengers choose them, and you can count on more space. It’s also statistically the back rows that are the safest in the event of an emergency.


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