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Jul 28, 2023

Myanmar Local Transportation

Myanmar’s major cities offer a variety of transportation options - buses, taxis, rental cars, motorcycles, trishaws and even horse-drawn carriages. Public transportation does not work very well. Most tourists prefer to use taxis and rental cars.


There are buses of all kinds that ply the streets of the major cities in Myanmar. As most vehicles are dilapidated and filled with locals, a bus ride can be a frustrating experience - the buses are crowded and quite uncomfortable. There are few maps in English, so it is difficult to know where to get off.


In larger cities such as Yangon, taxis can be found in large numbers on the streets. Some are air-conditioned, but most are not.
The information desk at the airport has information about the taxi service. The fare is fixed. It is easy to hail a taxi to take you to a central hotel if you have not booked a transfer service.
Be sure to negotiate the price before you get in. Find another driver to negotiate with if you feel the driver insists on overcharging you.

Private Car

You can rent a private car and driver through travel agencies or hotels. Tell the clerk where you want to go. They will find you a car and make sure the driver knows where you want to go. Most cars are imported from Japan, so the steering wheel is on the right side. The price of renting a car with a driver starts at about $60 per day.

Horse-drawn carriage

Horse-drawn carriages are a common sight in archaeological areas such as Bagan and Awa. They are great for a ride. Especially if you want to experience a bygone era and explore the ruins and countryside. Riding through forests and sandy roads is very interesting.


Taking a small boat is the best way to visit Inle Lake. You can visit different places on the lake by getting on a boat. These include floating gardens, local markets and pagodas. Boats can be booked at the hotels.
If you want to admire the sunset over the U Bein Bridge or the Irrawaddy River, a private boat ride of a few hours is a good option.

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