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Feb 28, 2023

Instructions on how to prove income from remote work for nomad visa

Each country has its own rules and requirements for obtaining digital nomad visa - somewhere it is necessary to show not only a certain income and a contract with clients, but also to have the appropriate education and to be a remote worker in a certain field.

A common condition for applicants for a digital nomad visa is proof of their status as a remote employee of a foreign company/online entrepreneur/freelancer/individual entrepreneur, as well as a certain minimum of permanent income.

● Proof of remote earnings can be
- A contract of employment or an employment contract stating that you can work remotely and the duration of your work
- A contract for services (contract for work), indicating the period of work and remuneration
- official offer with a remote contract, specifying the period of cooperation and amount of remuneration
- founding documents for business owners
- bank statements and documents confirming the receipt of wages or professional fees

To show your income, as a rule, is required for a certain period, for example, for a nomad visa in Hungary - at least the last 6 months before submitting the documents, for Costa Rica will need a bank statement for the year, which shows the arrival of funds in the amount of $3000 per month from sources outside the country. In the UAE, you can apply for a visa if you have an IE registered a year or more before you apply and with the required monthly income.

If you are just setting up a sole proprietorship or self-employment, you must often have at least a few completed and received orders before applying for a digital nomad visa to confirm the regularity of the orders and the right amount of earnings. If the conditions for a nomad visa for a particular country do not specify requirements for the duration of stay as self-employed or the period of IP before applying for a visa, most often you need to show the required amount in the account to stay for a certain time, as well as a bank statement with income for a specific period (often three months and longer).

It is best to check the requirements for the amount of income, the period of movement of funds and specific documents at the official website of the immigration service of the selected country.


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