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May 17, 2024

Impressions are the most important thing to millennials

👍 Millennials value experiences more than things

According to American Express Travel’s 2023 Global Travel Trends Report, Millennials spend 46% of their travel budget on experiences (the same trend seen in Generation Z). More than anyone else, millennials are focused on mental health and opportunities to relax. Hotels with spas are growing in popularity among Generation Y for quality health care.

Some 82% of Generation Z travelers and millennials say they are interested in taking vacations that have minimal impact on the environment, compared to 72% of Generation X and 64% of boomers.

Millennials carefully plan itineraries and their “agenda,” including items like “try local food” or “visit the place where a favorite TV show was filmed.”

🏨 Millennials prefer apartments over hotels

According to UK-based research firm YouGov, millennials make up nearly half of Airbnb customers in 2022 - more than Generation X and baby boomers combined.

No surprise, given that many millennials have become parents and are now traveling with children. Since 2019, Airbnb rentals have grown the most specifically among travelers with children six and under. They expect a separate bedroom for their child in an apartment. In addition, hosts often offer cribs, high chairs, and toys.

Meanwhile, many hotels are trying to reorient themselves to “family vacation”: they make themed children’s rooms and are always ready to stuff the room with everything children may need. Somewhere, on request, they will even bring a refrigerator that maintains the temperature necessary for safe storage of breast milk.

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