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Dec 05, 2022


Think a holiday in the desert would be hot, boring and absolutely the last option on your list? Hopefully you will change your mind when visiting the Huachina desert oasis in southwestern Peru. This tiny but amazing village has a diverse array of street vendors, eateries and hotels, and is surrounded almost entirely by massive sand dunes. Huachina is also renowned for its fantastic dune buggy and sandboarding tours, and you can also camp in the sand and sleep under the stars if you want! It is surprising that so many tourists are unaware of Huachina and the fun that can be had here …why not experience the joy of walking in sand dunes and the feeling of golden sand beneath your toes? When you have had your fun, take a dip in a pool surrounded by cooling palm trees and enjoy an ice cream or tasty treat from one of the friendly street sellers.

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