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Oct 22, 2023

How to see the main things in the city and not miss anything

Before traveling to Europe and other places, we study websites with itineraries for one, two or three days. Most often they already include all the main sights that we should familiarize ourselves with.

Before the trip we look for some unusual places that are not included in the guidebooks, we can find real gems that will remain the fondest memories of the trip.

We’ll plan in advance when and where we’ll go, but we’ll also leave time for improvisation. Sometimes it’s so nice to just lie in a park or sit in a coffee shop for a couple hours.

We don’t want to have time to see everything at once, so that we can run around the whole city and fall down from fatigue by the evening. Let’s say to ourselves in advance: “I won’t be able to see absolutely everything”, and take it as a given. There is nothing terrible in it. The main thing is to observe the city and its inhabitants. Let’s try to become a part of it, even if only for a little while.

We wake up early - so we can look at the main attractions without the crowd of tourists, behind which it is difficult to see the building or monument itself.

If we rest in a hotel - refuse the excursions offered there. Most often street agencies offer the same excursions, only much cheaper. But even here we need to be careful and choose “decent” agencies, with clear conditions and guides pleasant to us.

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