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Dec 02, 2023

How to obtain a residence permit for volunteering in Serbia

Volunteer programs are usually available for up to 1 year. Volunteering does not guarantee a permanent residence permit, but it allows you to live in a new country, make acquaintances, find a future job, and think about your next steps. Most programs provide accommodation and food, some programs provide flight expenses and pocket money.

Well-known programs

After completing a volunteer program, it is possible to legalize in the country on other grounds - e.g. Digital Nomad, education, work. For volunteer programs it is possible to apply for a long-term visa (for the duration of the program) or get a residence permit for volunteering.

For example: Red Cross, various organizations helping animals (Help animals), EKOS (union of eco-organizations in Serbia) and others. It is possible to obtain a residence permit on the basis of volunteering.

Required documents:

  • rental agreement
  • account statement
  • passport (with translation)
  • Beli-carton (certificate of registration at the place of stay of the foreigner, made, for example, in the hotel)
  • medical insurance
  • volunteer work contract
  • extract with the NPO’s legal entity data
  • agreement/contract on volunteering
  • proof of registration of the organization with which you have entered into the volunteer agreement.

Major volunteer organizations in Serbia:

UN Office in Serbia
Refugees Foundation - an organization for comprehensive assistance to refugees in Serbia, based in Belgrade.
Initiative for Development and Cooperation,IDC - the project aims to promote inclusiveness in Serbian society.


  • You apply for a residence permit already in Serbia
  • You can get a residence permit on this basis only for one year. After one year, it is necessary to change the status to an alternative status (study, work, sole proprietorship, real estate, marriage to a Serbian citizen, etc.).


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