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Jul 03, 2023

How to get to North Korea

Want something exotic? Then our option is for you. The setting for a movie about an ideal society, cult of personality and loud applause - it’s all about Korea.

Getting into North Korea is currently only possible by land. The DPRK has borders with China, Russia and South Korea. The last option is not recommended.

So you’ve found the right ticket, then what? - You need a visa.

North Korea has a visa regime with most countries. You can get a visa only if you have purchased a full travel package, including a guide, hotel accommodation and excursions.

The visa application is submitted at the DPRK embassy. Most of the documents will be prepared for you by the agency from which you bought the escort. You may be asked many questions about the purpose of your trip. Be prepared.

It will be very difficult to get a visa if you are, for example, a journalist.

When you arrive in the country, you will be met by an escort who will be with you until you leave North Korea.

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