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Sep 09, 2023

How to find an inexpensive tour and not go crazy

Choose mass destinations for the tour - those countries where tour operators book the largest number of hotel reservations and charter flights.

Be sure to read reviews of the tour operator, airline and hotel before traveling. This is a universal tip for any trip that will help you avoid unpleasant situations and get an unforgettable vacation experience.

Travel in the low season and not during the holidays. At such a time it will be possible not only to buy a tour at the best price, but also not to crowd at the airport with other tourists who have already arrived or, conversely, left.

If possible, buy “hot” tours. A few days before departure tour operators, as a rule, reduce prices to a minimum, and then you can buy a tour for a ridiculous price.

But do not buy too cheap tours. If the cost of the trip is so low that it raises suspicions, then, most likely, there is a reason for it. Either we will be poisoned in an old hotel that is out of town, or we may be left without meals. It may even happen that the trip is marked down - believe me the tour operator will find a reason if it is not profitable for him to sell the tour.

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