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Jun 29, 2023

How to behave during an earthquake

Turkish authorities are preparing for a devastating earthquake in Istanbul. In this regard, we remind you of a few simple rules on how to behave in such situations:

✔️ Try to stay calm and do not panic.

✔️ Try to find a strong shelter under a table, bed, doorjamb or wall. Avoid glass objects, windows and mirrors.

✔️ Never use elevators during an earthquake as they may stop or get stuck.

✔️ When leaving a building, check for debris or dangerous objects that could fall.

✔️ Carefully follow the instructions of fire, police and other authorities.

✔️ Reduce the load on cell phone networks by avoiding unnecessary calls and messages to leave lines of communication available for urgent calls.

✔️ If local authorities declare an evacuation or you need to move to a safe place, follow the directions and instructions of emergency services.

✔️ If you are able, help others, especially those who need assistance or are trapped in buildings.


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