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Apr 05, 2024

Hard level traveler

Traveling is not limited to hotels and rented apartments. Consider how you can travel the world inexpensively, and most importantly interestingly:

🔆 - a worldwide marketplace for finding free overnight accommodations while traveling from locals

🔆 - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - farmers all over the world are willing to host guests from another country if you agree to help them with their chores. On the site you can post your profile and choose a farm anywhere in the world

🔆, - want to live on a farm but not work? You can stay at a farm you like, explore how things work (like watching a cow being milked) and enjoy other outdoor activities

🔆 - Travel with a touch of spirituality. Religious institutions have long welcomed pilgrims and continue to this day. The opportunity to experience asceticism and learn the hidden routines happens for free or for a token fee

🔆 - helpful if you want to live with a host family and socialize with locals, rather than staying in an empty and unfriendly hotel room.

🔆 the service allows you to find a yacht or ship to work on a cruise that needs helpers

🔆 - an option to live for free while looking after someone’s home

If you want to become an ambassador for Friendly World in your town or village to help people have an unforgettable trip, sign up here as an assistant or local guide. Check out the opportunities that Friendly World has to offer - you can not only help people, but also make new friends and earn money.