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Dec 05, 2022


This remarkable river lies just outside of the town of Hinuatan Surigao del Sur (on the east side of Mindanao in the Philippines). It certainly lives up to its enchanted name, being incredibly enticing for weary travellers with its cool clear waters. Thought to originate from an underground cave system that has not yet been fully explored, the river then flows into the Phillippean sea and Pacific Ocean. The crystalline waters also have remarkable shades of colour which change from blue to green, with many local legends abounding to explain the mysterious nature of the Hinuatan River. Another major drawcard for visitors are the huge variety of fish that inhabit this saltwater river, that are handfed every afternoon. You will love this secretive place which is hidden deep in the Philippine jungle and home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. A mysterious enchanting river with a past yet to be uncovered…how exciting!

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