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Mar 24, 2023

An easy way to get to China without a visa

On March 15 China resumed issuing all types of visas for Russians, and the document slots are already sold out a month in advance. But if you want a quick glimpse of the Chinese wall and some noodles, write down a tip.

A quick way to cross the border to China shared by a representative of the Russian Union of Travel Industry.

  • The way goes through Khabarovsk and Harbin

  • Chinese partner of a travel agency issues an official invitation to visit the country

  • Customer receives a Letter of Guarantee and Invitation

  • These documents need to be presented at check-in at the airport

  • In Harbin the tourist gets visa on arrival, which is valid for one month.

Voila! The Chinese party cheerfully welcomes the new tourist and gives him a bowl of rice and a cat-wife.


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